Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Birthday Party!!!

There once was a girl named Izzy. She was a very strange girl, but also very lovable. She had tons of friends and was very funny. And another cool thing about her was that her birthday was on Halloween. So every year she went all out and had a huge party. This year was going to be the biggest of all because it was her 16th birthday. She had to have the best costume, the best decorations, and the best entertainment. So one day she called her best friend Jamie and asked her if she could come over to help her decorate. Jamie ran right over and got to work. "I hope this years party is going to be awesome." said Izzy. Jamie nodded and said, "Me too. And I hope Marlo comes to the party too." Marlo was a guy that Jamie had been crushing on since 5th grade. Izzy shook her head and replied, "I don't know why you don't just ask him out already and get it over with." Jamie looked at Izzy in shock and said, "It's not that easy Izzy! I don't see you asking anyone to YOUR party." It's true. Izzy had been going insane because she couldn't find anyone who would go to her party with her. She had wanted to go with Timmy, but she was too scared. Izzy looked at her friend and said, "Well, maybe I have someone in mind." Jamie looked at her doubtfully and said, "And just who might that be?" Izzy mumbled under breath, "Timmy Smith." Jamie threw her head back and let out a huge laugh. Izzy looked at her with hate filled eyes and said, "Whats wrong with Timmy?!" Jamie cleared her throat and said, "Nothing, nothing. Except for the fact that he is the most popular guy in school and almost every girl in school likes him." This was also true. "Why don't you go with Nick? Obviously he loves you." Nick had been Izzy's best friend since kindergarten. Izzy looked at her like she was crazy and said, "Are you nuts? Nick doesn't like me! We're just friends and nothing more." Jamie rolled her eyes and said, "Whatever. One of these days you and him are going to be totally in love and I'm going to say I told you so." Izzy was growing tired of this conversation and said, "Let me worry about who I'm taking to the party." So the girls got back to work and dropped the conversation.
The next morning Izzy woke up and went over to her calender to mark off one more day until Halloween. It was exactly 3 days until Halloween. Izzy was super excited, but also very worried.
She still had no clue who she was going to ask to go to her party with. She thought about sucking it up and asking Timmy, but every time she went to the phone and dialed the number she ended up hanging up the phone the second it rang. "Just do it already, Izzy!" she yelled at herself. At that moment the phone rang and Izzy could swear her heart stopped. When she came to her senses she ran to the phone and said, "H-hello?" Izzy waited for someone to say something. Then she heard, "Hey Izzy, it's Jamie." Izzy could feel her ears turn red and her heart drop into her stomach. She replied in a soft, irritated voice, "Hey Jamie. What do you want?" Izzy could hear herself being totally rude, but she didn't care. "Well I just called to ask you if you needed any help today, but never mind!" Jamie was now mad. "I'm sorry Jamie. I just thought you were Timmy." Jamie didn't say anything. "Look Jamie I'm sorry!" she said again. She heard Jamie sigh. "Whatever. So do you need me to come over today?" Jamie asked. Izzy thought for a second then said, "Well, actually I was thinking about doing something else besides decorate all day." She could almost see the excitement on Jamie's face. "What did you have in mind?!" Jamie asked. Izzy wanted to tell her friend about her plan to go over to Timmy's house and asking him to go to her party, but she knew Jamie would just laugh. "I don't know if I should tell you Jamie." Izzy said. Jamie let out a "UHF!" Izzy corrected her wording. "Well if I tell you then your just going to laugh at me." That seemed more polite. "Izzy, you can tell me anything." Izzy took a breath and said, "I was thinking about going over to Timmy's house and asking him to my party." Izzy bit her lip and waited for Jamie's response. "I think that's a great idea! You totally should! I could call Marlo and we could double date or something so you guys can get to know each other before the party." Izzy was in shock. She almost dropped the phone. "You mean your not scared to talk to Marlo anymore?!" Izzy asked. Jamie let out a little giggle. "Well I was going to tell you when I got over to your house, but..." Izzy was getting impatient. "Just tell me already!" Izzy yelled. "Okay!!! Last night I was online and for some crazy reason Marlo sent me a message." Izzy almost couldn't believe it. "What did he say?" asked Izzy. "He said that he heard that you were having a party for Halloween and he asked me if I was going. I told him yes and then he asked me if I would go with him and if maybe sometime we could hang out!" Jamie was screaming now. "Oh my gosh! That's so awesome!" said Izzy. Jamie was probably grinning from ear to ear. Then she said, "I know! I'm so excited! And Marlo is like best friends with Timmy so I'm sure I could ask Marlo if he could talk to Timmy about hanging out with us." Izzy was almost jumping she was so excited. She calmed down then said, "Cool. You should ask him." She thought she had done well controlling herself. Jamie laughed then said, "Okay. But I'm coming over to your house first." Izzy rolled her eyes then said, "Okay. But hurry!" She hung up the phone and put on one of her really cute outfits. Then she ran into the bathroom and brushed her long black hair and put on some make-up. Then she ran down stairs into the kitchen. Her little sister, Sunny, was sitting at the table eating waffles and fruit. "Who made you waffles?" asked Izzy. Sunny wiped her mouth then said, "Mommy did just before she left for work. You were sleeping." Izzy let out a frustrated breath then said, "I didn't know Mom worked today." Sunny chugged some juice then replied, "Yep. And she works on your birthday too." Izzy glared at the sound of this news then almost yelled, "No body tells me anything in this house!" Sunny giggled at her frustrated sister. Izzy glared at her then said, "What are you laughing at?" Sunny just smiled and said, "Nothing. Your just always so angry." Izzy ignored her and walked to the cupboards to get some cereal. Right as Izzy was finished with her cereal, she walked over to the sink to wash her bowl when all of a sudden she heard the door bell ring. "Whose that?" asked Sunny. "It's Jamie. If Mom comes home early tell her that me and Jamie went to the library to study or something like that." replied Izzy. Sunny glared at Izzy then said, "And what if I tell her that your not at the library and that your really at Timmy Smith's house?" annoyed Sunny. Izzy rolled her eyes and yelled for Jamie to come in. Jamie walked into the kitchen and said, "Whats up? Are you ready to go to the library?" asked Jamie. Izzy grumbled then said, "Save it. The little twerp was listening to us over the phone. She knows that we're going over to Timmy's house." Jamie growled then said, "Sunny, please don't tell your mom about this? If you keep quit I'll bring my little sister over sometime to play dolls with you." Sunny shook her head and replied, "No! Your sister is boring. I want to come with you guys." Izzy shook her head and yelled, "No way! You are not coming with us! I'd rather you just tell Mom." Sunny smiled and said, "Fine. Have fun having a party if your grounded." Izzy mumbled something hateful under her breath. Jamie jumped in the middle of them and said, "Hey, why don't we just think about this for a second? Ummmmm....I know! We can drop you off at Nell's house for the day." Nell was Sunny's best friend. Sunny rubbed her chin then said, "Okay. But you guys have to give me your allowance for two weeks." Izzy rolled her eyes then said, "Fine." Sunny grinned then ran to go get her coat. Jamie looked at Izzy with stunned eyes and said, "What?! That's my allowance too!" Izzy frowned and replied, "Hey! If you do this for me then you don't have to get me anything for my birthday, okay." Jamie frowned then said, "Whatever." Sunny returned and announced, "Okay, I'm ready! Lets go!" Izzy mumbled something but Jamie elbowed her and whispered, "Shut up!" Izzy ignored her and walked out the door.
When they got to Nell's house Izzy said, "Okay we brought you to Nell's, now remember, you can't tell Mom were we are." Sunny nodded and said, "I know, I know. Now go away." Izzy was about to say something hateful, but Jamie grabbed her by the arm and dragged her away. Jamie thought for a minute then asked, "So, do you know what your going to say yet or not?" Izzy actually hadn't thought about this yet. "No. Not really. I'm just going to go with the flow." said Izzy. Jamie rolled her eyes then said, "Well do you want me to be there when you ask him or not?" Izzy hadn't thought of this either. "Ummmm....no. I want to do it myself." Jamie nodded and said, "Okay. Fine with me." Then Izzy noticed that they were standing right in front of Timmy's house. Izzy almost barfed. "I don't think I can do this." said Izzy. Jamie sighed then said, "If you don't go up there I won't be your friend anymore. I can't have a weeny for a friend." Izzy took a deep breath and walked up the drive way. She got half way up the drive way and she looked back at Jamie. She was behind a bush and she gave Izzy a thumbs up. "Good luck." whispered Jamie. Izzy nodded and kept walking. When she got to the door and licked her finger tips and wiped them across her bangs. She smoothed her shirt and rang the bell. Right as she did she almost barfed again. But she kept her cool.

Timmy then shut the door. Izzy almost fainted. She ran back to Jamie and almost screamed, "He said yes! He said yes!" Jamie slapped her hand over Izzy's mouth, grabbed her arm and ran off. When they got down the road then they celebrated. "Oh my gosh! I can't believe we have dates with the two cutest boys in school!" yelled Jamie. They jumped up and down for the longest time and screamed at the top of their lungs. Then Izzy realized that they weren't ready for their dates and it was only two hours til six. So they ran over to Nell's house to pick up Sunny. When they got there, of course Sunny had to throw a fit because she didn't want to leave. "Come on Sunny! I have to get home and get ready for my date! Let's go!" yelled Izzy. Sunny threw her arms in the air and screamed, "No! I want to stay with Nell!" Izzy wasn't going to argue with her, so she picked her up and threw her over her shoulders and started walking. Sunny kicked and screamed, but Izzy just ignored her and kept walking. After a while Izzy realized that Sunny had fallen asleep. "So...what do you think about your date with Timmy?" whispered Jamie. Izzy blushed then replied, "I don't know. What do you think about your date with Marlo?" Jamie frowned then said, "No way. I asked you first." Izzy huffed and said, "Well...I just hope that I don't make a fool of myself. I mean, what if after this date he decides to not come to my party because he thinks I'm a dork?" Jamie laughed inappropriately loud, waking up Sunny. "Put me down! Your going to drop me! Put me down!" yelled Sunny, kicking her legs. Izzy dropped Sunny, almost making her fall. "Shut up! I wasn't going to drop you. I was carrying you the whole time!" shouted Izzy. Sunny stuck out her tongue and started walking faster. Izzy went back to her and Jamie's conversation. "It's not funny. It could happen. I've been known to be kinda foolish." Izzy replied. Jamie took a deep breath and put her arm around Izzy to try to calm her. "Listen Izzy, I know that your nervous, but you just need to calm down and just be yourself." Izzy moaned then said, "But what if he doesn't like myself?" Jamie giggled. "Well then he's not worth it." Izzy took this to heart and smiled at her friend. "Thanks Jamie." Jamie smiled, "No problem."
When they got to the house the girls ran upstairs to get ready. They tried on almost everything inside Izzy's closet, but nothing seemed to be right. Then Jamie found something that she absolutely loved. It was a black skirt with a white, button up, long sleeved, shirt. Then she put a nice little black bow in her hair. Then she slipped on her black converse and was ready. But Izzy had still not yet found anything. "I give up!" Izzy yelled. Jamie moaned then said, "Don't worry, you'll find something." That's when Izzy remembered the dress that her mother had wore last year to a birthday party. Izzy ran into her mothers room and ran straight to the closet. She pushed and shoved her way to the back of the closet. Then she finally found the short, little, black dress. She grabbed it then pulled it from the hanger and ran back to her room. When she put it on she felt flawless. It was the perfect fit. "Now that's a dress!" complimented Jamie. Izzy smiled then twirled in circles. She felt like a princess. Then all of a sudden they heard the door slam. "Moms home!" yelled Izzy. So they ran down the stairs to tell Izzy's mother about their dates. "Mom! Mom!" they both yelled. They saw that she was not in the living room so they ran into the kitchen. She was standing at the counter unloading groceries. "What is it girls? And why are you in my dress Isabella?" her mother asked. Izzy bit her lip then replied, "Ummm...me and Jamie have dates tonight and I wanted to look descent." Izzy's mother groaned then said, "Fine. But if you get one thing on that dress you won't have a birthday party." Izzy smiled and hugged her mother tightly. "Thank you so much mom. I promise I'll take real good care of it." Izzy promised. So the girls turned around to go back upstairs when Izzy's mother added, "Who are you girls going on a date with, anyway?" Izzy blushed then said, "I'm going with Timmy and Jamie's going with Marlo." Izzy's mom laughed. "Aren't those boys like...your dream boys?" Izzy laughed then nodded. Then the girls ran upstairs to finish getting ready. As they were finishing up putting their make-up on, the phone rang. The girls jumped then ran to the phone. Izzy cleared her throat then answered, "Hello?" She could hear someone breathing. "Hi,Izzy?" asked Timmy. "Yeah, it's me. What's up?"said Izzy. "Nothing much. Me and Marlo are on our way to come and get you and Jamie. Is that okay?" asked Timmy. "Yeah.That's fine.Come on over." Izzy said in a nervous voice. "Okay. See you in a couple minutes. Bye." Then he hung up. Izzy hung up then started jumping up and down with excitement. Then Jamie joined her. "What did he say?" asked Jamie. "He said him and Marlo would be here in a few." said Izzy while she smoothed out her hair and dress. Jamie smiled then said, "Well then lets go wait downstairs." So the girls ran downstairs and said good bye to Izzy's mom. Then they ran outside to wait. It wasn't long before they saw two boys walking down the street toward Izzy's house. The girls could feel their hearts fluttering as the boys approached them. Timmy smiled shyly at Izzy then said in a low voice, "Hey Izzy. You look great." Izzy could feel her cheeks begin to blush. "Thanks. You look pretty great yourself." Izzy replied. Then Marlo walked up to Jamie and gave her a hug then whispered hello. Izzy was jealous by their comfort with each other. Timmy let out a nervous laugh then said, "Well If it's okay with you guys we better get going. The movie starts in 15 minutes." Izzy nodded then lead the way. When they finally got to the movies things got a little bit better. Timmy bought popcorn and candy for Izzy and during the movie he held her hand. Izzy was so happy. Marlo walked Jamie home while Timmy walked Izzy home. When Izzy and Timmy got to her house he walked her to the door. "Well thank s for tonight Timmy. I had tons of fun." said Izzy. Timmy smiled then said, "No, thank you. I had fun too. I can't wait til your birthday tomorrow." Izzy smiled the said, "Yeah, me too. Well see you later. Bye." Then she opened the door and stepped inside. Before she closed the door she watched Timmy leave her drive way. The end to a perfect night.

The next morning Izzy woke up to her sister, Sunny, in her face yelling, "Happy Birthday Izzy!!!" Izzy shooed her away. Then a few minutes later she got dressed and ran down stairs. When she entered the kitchen the smell of bacon and eggs filled her nostrils. "Good morning Isabella. Happy birthday." said her mother. "I can't stay long, but I wanted to tell you Happy birthday before I went to work." Izzy sighed and said, "Okay. See you later." Her mother smiled then kissed her on the head. A couple hours later Izzy decided to stop watching television and go call Jamie. So she picked up the phone and dialed her number. "Hello?" answered Jamie. "Hey Jamie, it's Izzy." replied Izzy. "Hey whats up?" like she didn't already know. "Well are you coming over?" said Izzy. "Yeah, I'm on my way." then Jamie hung up. Izzy then looked at the clock and saw that it was 4:00. By the time Jamie got there it was almost 5:00. "Where have you been?! My party is in one hour." said Izzy in a panic. Jamie giggled then said, "Don't worry. You have all your decorations up and you look great." Izzy could hear the words her friend was saying, but they weren't very helpful. So the girls down into the basement where they were having the party to make sure everything was perfect in every way. Izzy was running all around making every last detail perfect. Jamie grabbed Izzy, looked her in the eye and said, "Calm down. Everything is going to be great." Izzy realized that maybe she was overreacting and decided to take a break. As the girls sat on the couch and watched television Izzy thought of the perfect night that she intended on having. Then she looked at her watch and saw that it was
5:59. Her heart almost stopped. "Oh my gosh! It's practically 6:00 and no body is here!" Izzy jumped up and started pacing around the room. Jamie rolled her eyes and said, "Their probably just being fashionably late." Right then Izzy looked out the window and saw 3 cars pull up in her drive way each filled with at least 7 kids each. Izzy jumped up and down and yelled, "Their here! Their here!" Jamie joined her. Then the door bell rang. The girls ran to the door and greeted their guests. Every body ran down stairs and got the party started. Izzy cranked up the music and got out the party snacks. Every minute, people were coming and before Izzy knew it her entire basement was full of loud, hyper, partying people. Most people were in costume except for Izzy. But she didn't care. She just wanted to look good for Timmy. It was 6:45 and Timmy or Marlo had not showed up yet. Izzy and Jamie sat together in sadness. "I knew it was too good to be true." moaned Izzy. Jamie nodded then said, "Yeah. We got stood up." Right then, the girls saw as if a heavenly glow sounded the door as Timmy and Marlo entered. The girls looked at each other in shock then ran to the boys. Marlo smiled at Jamie and gave her a big hug. Then, unexpectedly, Timmy scooped up Izzy and gave her a huge hug as well. Then he whispered "Happy Birthday Izzy." Izzy thought she was going to melt right then and there. Then out of nowhere some girl ran up to them and yelled,

Izzy and Timmy laughed. Then started dancing. It was the best Birthday she could ever ask for.

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  1. It is a very long story but i read it and i loved it.