Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Do You Use Voicethread???

If you are wondering how to use Voicethread this will explain everything!

First thing you have to do is go to and click Create.Then you click Upload and 3 options will pop up,they will say my computer,media sources,and URL.Pick which one you prefer.
Then you click comment and you can use the crayon to mark on your photo and you can also explain by talking into your mic on your headphones.

This can help you in school in many ways.Such as how I used it for my Geography class.
Go to my blog and observe how your voicethread could look.

How To Use Vocaroo!!!

If your wondering how I made my Vocaroo this will explain every step I went through.

First thing you do is go to you make sure your headphones and mic are plugged into your computer.Then you prepare what you are going to say.Then once you think you are ready you press the button that reads "record" and you record.Then when you are finished press
"stop recording" and save it to your blog.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009